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The Compendium of the Dead A novel by Alfio A. Bertoni Castello di Gorizia Compendio delle Morti Bertoni
Il Compendio delle Morti romanzo di Alfio Bertoni
Il Compendio delle Morti, romanzo di Alfio Bertoni

A novel by Alfio A. Bertoni

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Feletto Umberto- Tavagnacco (UD) Italy
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The valuation of this complex work, complicated in the architecture of it's very rich topics and characters asks for a preliminary vision of the structure, inspired by the sacred medieval representations.
With intervals and comments, the story of Carlo is written into his writings, like the songs and prayers of ancient texts.
The novel is set in Gorizia, a city less known for it's illustrious history, a city today in decline, a sleepy depopulated city where the words "No se pol" (It's not possible) rules.
Carlo, the main character of this thriller is accompanied for the last challenge in the personifications of Raffael and Asmodeous, the angel and devil of the sacred representations.
The compendium of the dead is in reality, a novelistic nucleus that fundamentally describes the last days of Carlo's life, extended by means of a great number of additional stories, attributed to the same pen as Carlo: A compendium of the history of Gorizia.
The writings of Carlo are a true novel in a novel inspired by facts pertaining to the history of the city, events, descriptions and facts often forgotten, but known to those who know the various texts, studies, letters and articles of local interest.
Carlo, as author of the Compendium of the history of Gorizia, rewrites, in his view, some topical moments of the city's history, starting from the death of Leonardo, the last Count of Gorizia until arriving at the present day. His inclination for pessimism leads him to write negative choices, often describing deadly events. From Carlo's writing emerges the frustrations of an unsuccessful historian, with an infantile passion for mythology and the contempt for his own fellow citizens. For the descriptions of his characters, Carlo utilizes the people who surround him as a model, but they are always the same, and the hatred towards others leads him to violently suppress his own characters "How many times do you kill me in your book?" Enzio his brother will ask him.
Even the beautiful invention of a sealed literary testament from Leonardo is not developed by Carlo in his skill for further novelistic ideas, and he lets his thoughts dry up until, little by little it loses any narrative value and in the end becomes like a museum piece.
Carlo, the main character of the Compendium of the Dead has grown old prematurely and in his misery has become a nasty person, a prisoner of his depression. He lives in a false reality which involves, in his every perception that the decadence of the city appears to reflect and support his own ill-humour.
Among the condemned, is his son Luigi, who is forbidden to grow up, two women, one reduced to beg for memories of her murdered daughter and the other compelled to love against her will, Umberto, an ambiguous childhood friend and Dino, the drunkard, who with, Carlo, incomprehensibly, share their most intimate thoughts.
Carlo holds a grudge against his twin brother Ezio, maybe because once upon a time in the past he was the favoured son of their father, and it is precisely this jealously that Carlo will throw all his major hatred towards his brother Enzio.
The cruelty blindly starts off on the characters of the book, but it will also become known and real for his fellow citizens, to be cruel without justification.

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Il Compendio delle Morti Romanzo di Alfio A. Bertoni
Alfio Bertoni

The author

Alfio Bertoni is Gorizian born and bred, and this is his first literary challenge.
In the past he was dedicated to the theatre, working as a professional in various established theatres, lyric theatres, festivals and touring companies. As a passionate enthusiast of the theatre, he has directed a small theatrical company in the town of Gorizia and has collaborated as a theatre animator with schools and associations. In all his work experiences he has also been a proprietor of a book shop in Gorizia and has for many years been employed by the government for Art and Culture and environment.

Il Compendio delle Morti Romanzo di Alfio A. Bertoni

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Il Compendio delle Morti Romanzo di Alfio A. Bertoni
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Il Compendio delle Morti Romanzo di Alfio A. Bertoni
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